Who are Nerdiacs?

By June 12, 2011Game Development, General

We are a small team of developers who share the idea of creating excellent high end games for Mobile Phones. We are registered entity in Singapore as Nerdiacs Pte Limited with subsidiary in Pakistan. Our game development is done mostly in Karachi, Pakistan and marketing/sales is done via Singapore.

We started with our first mobile game idea of a Labrynth look a like. We quickly discarded the idea as better games already existed in that genre. We then decided to do another 2D game and soon scrapped it as we could never get it to look great and we got plenty of physics issues. These 2 games seemed like failures but as a team we learned a lot from these experiences.

Previous failures didn’t put us down but made us think of doing a better job and differentiate ourselves from most games on mobile platforms. We decided to move into 3D project knowing very well that this could take 6 months to 1 year in development. It has taken us longer than that but our believe in this game has stayed alive and we never felt the need to scrap this game.

We have even more ambitious plans for our next game titles and we are quite confident of our skills as a team now. We are confident that we will be regarded as one of best game companies in mobile platforms in a short period of time.

Contact us at info@nerdiacs.com or use the form below

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