E3 2011 from a Mobile Game Development Perspective

By June 14, 2011Game Development, General


I think from a mobile game development company’s perspective we can take a lot from E3 even though it is focused on high end console games. Top games were once again first person shooters. BattleField3 is highly awaited one and is also on top of my own list.  http://kotaku.com/5810589/these-are-your-favourite-games-of-e3-2011

Shooting games are somewhat tricky to develop on mobile platforms. The controls on touch screen are not that great for an immersive gameplay where character can move in 4-8 directions while camera can be movedaround and buttons pressed for shooting. Sweaty hands add to the trouble of controlling. Many a times player finds himself touching the screen out of the joystick area trying to move the character.

Probably the most innovative ideas that are relevant to mobile gaming can be taken from Nintendo. The new controller announced (not released) by Nintendo called Wii U, closely resembles the features that a typical smart phone would have. A touch screen, gyro/accelerometers and good processing power. It has hardware buttons which gives it advantage over most mainstream smartphones. Augmented reality based War Card games could be very nice. Not sure if they already exist but placing cards on table and viewing the characters animation fighting and taking/inflicting damage seems like a good take on War Card Games genre. The combination of real world with virtual world is always amusing.

Nintendo 3DS is pretty awesome device and just may be we can take something from it as well. We don’t have the hardware to really display 3D media without glasses but we could use some of methods like stereoscopic display with glasses that could be stolen from local 3D cinema. I already have a few with me and will surely experiment with that.

One of the natural advantage that Smartphones or handheld devices(with accelerometers) have is the ability of full 360 degree of movement which you can’t do with console. You always have to face your Television while playing games on consoles.

At the end of day Mobile Phones have their own unique advantages/disadvantages and games that are built with these differences in mind can give much better experience than games ported from other platform.

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